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Helen is uberly super in love wif everything japan. hopes that she can successfully finish architecture in nus for at least 4 yrs. no matter what now, she wants to go Japan and live there happily forever.

Saturday, May 16, 200912:47 PM

Testing testing! I juz had curry at ishimura. My phone works if i managed to post this online!:)

Saturday, May 9, 20097:13 PM行きました!
yup, me and gillian went to take the Singapore Flyer ytd! there was a student promotion so we only have to pay 10bucks each o(^▽^)o it was quite fun, the view was great. in that half an hr i was probably only taking photos in the first 15mins though cos its the same thing after that.
and then it was so hot, so we had choco fondue at Andersen's. how sinful! i juz had Hanabi lunch buffet ytd, oh no. but the fondue was worth it cos there's 5 scoops of ice cream and the strawberries were huge. and i like the butter cookies and wafer (o^-')b

now im gonna chiong my japanese dramas and restaurant city these few days before i leave!

Monday, May 4, 20096:58 PMhurry up!
hello, finally updated.

nothing much really. we've reached the end of the semester and i have one, last paper tmr and obviously im slacking here though. i cant wait to watch all my dramas and dl all of NEWS mag scans which i have been missing out for fourrrrr months! but im glad to have the companion of Big Bang and SHINee all these while (*^▽^*) why is everyone so amazing! i wish i could meet them and hear them sing live. okay now i really got to study!

Saturday, February 28, 200910:10 PMiF wE CaN sTaY tHat Way
february is almost over. and so is recess week! my studio went Penang for our field trip 5days 4nights and i really enjoyed everyone's company. it was quite hot there and all the food are either fried or spicy, so by the last day i was having a sore throat and had no appetite for anything. but still! it was really fun. i hadnt never been overseas wif my friends so it's a first time ^^ we walked a lot, taking photos of their buildings and food. but what i missed most are the cards sessions at night! we'll gather in someone's room after the day and play asshole dai di and bridge till 2plus every night. we'll laugh damn loud as if no one can hear until someone tells us bout it the next morning. awww. so sad that we'll be changing studios again after thursday. WHYYYY. im beginning to miss my studio alrdy sobs.

credits to Tommy!!

Tuesday, February 10, 20098:12 PMONE DROP
junno~ he looks like he put lip gloss! so chuu-able♪♪

Friday, February 6, 200910:51 PMfeel tired, fight occasionally, feel hatred
i almost forgot i got THIS blog oh. these few weeks were crazy! first we have good breaks, then suddenly lots of work to be done, and it's so crazy i dont even have time for cca(at least i think that's the reason) =X i feel so bad for missing trainings really really. the room is piling up with A3 plans n cardboard models alrdy while i juz cant wait to dump them tgt with the last sem's stuff haha. we're going field trip during recess week! wassup. mid-terms conveniently ignored. at first we had decided to go HK and had alrdy settled the budget and accomodation discussion, but wth the sch said we are only allowed to go malaysia D: so sad! why cannot go HK, tsk. it makes the loss of study time so unreasonable, urgh.

Sunday, January 4, 20093:41 PMyon
alright alright, it's a whole new year alrdy. isnt it fast! zoom the days go. been slacking so much i think i've forgotten everything i'd learned back in sem 1. hope i can get used to the life again? haha. my new fav drama is iijimae now! it's so addictive. koreans are amazing. dbsk is amazing, big bang is amazing and Wondergirls are amazing too. it amazes me how they can always come up with new dances and remixes for the same old "Nobody" song. but jap is still the best wohoo.